With EMPOWERED Coaching, you work with an EMPOWERED Coach who is there to support and guide you in making the behavioral changes that you are ready to make. Members are encouraged to enroll in EMPOWERED Coaching as soon as their Health Assessment has been completed to receive the full benefit of the coaching program.

EMPOWERED Coaching is available by telephone and/or through the internet (www.liveforlife.net/hfit/sd) via an online secure message board to help you create a plan, provide you with resources, and select behaviors that will assist you in reaching your goals.

Your EMPOWERED Coach will help you create a vision and plan by asking questions and listening to your goals. In addition to discussing your goals and priorities, your coach will support you in realizing your vision for a healthier you.

After enrolling in the EMPOWERED Coaching program, you will be asked to choose a Focus Area.

You are able to select from 13 different Focus Areas, and can work on up to three Focus Areas at one time.

Focus Areas

Physical Activity
Aerobic Exercise

Healthy Eating
Unhealthy Fats
Skipping Meals
Sugary Drinks
Whole Grains

Healthy Living
Stress Management
Smoking Cessation

For more information call 877.573.7347, option 3, and then choose option 2.