Condition Management

Latitude Condition Management Programs help individuals with chronic conditions better understand how to take care of their health, feel better, and enjoy the best quality of life possible.

Latitude Condition Management programs are available to all:

  • State of South Dakota Employees,
  • Retirees under age 65,
  • COBRA members,
  • spouses, and
  • dependents (Asthma and Diabetes only)

Members must be covered by the health plan and currently have one of the following chronic conditions:

Available at no cost, the Latitude Condition Management programs give you the tools and information you need to better manage your health.

Members who opt to participate in telephonic coaching for chronic conditions are considered "engaged" members and receive additional program benefits.

To Enroll

Call the Latitude Program toll-free at 877.573.7347, select option 3 for Health Management Partners (HMP).

During this initial call, you will schedule a time to speak with a Condition Management Coach to discuss becoming an active participant in a Condition Management program.